Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here's another little flash piece from one of Alison Tyler's contests. This time I tied for first. :)
The prize was a scarf by Etsy seller The Opposite of Om, and entrants had to choose a colour from the sixty odd different yarns available as a starting point for their story. One of the yarns was called 'Regency', so I wrote this:

Tea and Sympathy

“Oh, Mr Hambly, it was so very good of you to rescue my dear sister and bring her home to us,” said Lara Chadwick, nibbling daintily on a piece of shortbread.

“Nonsense Miss Chadwick! I merely did what any gentleman would have done under the circumstances. I could hardly leave her to perish in the swamp,” Hambly replied.

“True,” Lara conceded, “But staying to comfort me afterwards was a little beyond the requirements of duty. Would you care for more tea?” Her cornflower blue eyes twinkled.

“Not at present, thankyou Miss Chadwick. Perhaps later.” Hambly’s arm shook a little as he gripped the edge of the table.

“And as for comforting you, I do not do it out of duty.”

“No? Why, then, do you stay so long? ”

“My dear Miss Chadwick, I was aggrieved to see you in such distress, and wished to return the delightful flush to your cheek.”

“So all of this you have done solely for my benefit, Mr Hambly?”

“Not entirely, Miss Chadwick. I must confess that I find a certain satisfaction in my efforts.”

“Indeed?” Lara had finished the biscuit and gestured towards the plate. “Are you sure you won’t have one? They are really so very good.” She leaned into the wall giving her hips a tiny jerk for emphasis on the last three words.

“No thankyou. In point of fact, I believe I will be feeling satisfaction shortly.”

As he drove deeper into her Lara let out a soft, ladylike moan .


JM Black said...

Fantastic work, Evie. It's a little treat every time you put a new story up.

More treats? Please?

Evelyn Applegate said...

Thanks! I'll put more up as soon as I can.

Vixen Pearl said...

Ooh, this was a very titliating little scene, Evelyn! Thank you for allowing us the privledge of reading it. Glad I stopped by from the Book Bloggers Hop. I look forward to reading more!

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