Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finally here is some of that free flash I've been promising. I wrote this one for the Glowing Tart Pink Contest on Alison Tyler's Trollop With a Laptop blog. It didn't win, I think probably partly because it isn't explicit, but I had fun writing it and was pretty chuffed by Alison's comment that she "fucking loved it". The title doesn't really have anything to do with the story. I chose it because I wanted a shade of pink that suggested something both beautiful and poisonous.

For the record, my own vote in the contest went to the very sexy Rose Comes For Desert by Erobintica.

So...without further ado:


Ariana finished the little toe, and with an elegant flourish that kept the polish from dripping, she returned the brush to the bottle.
“There.” Glowing with satisfaction, she lifted her left foot and wriggled her toes to show of her work. “Like it? It’s called ‘Tart Pink’”

She stood, slipped out of her robe and slipped on the white lace panties and bra she had laid out on the bench. She didn’t really expect Mark to respond. He’d never taken much of an interest in her toilette before and he wasn’t about to start now.
“Usually for semi-formal I’d go with something darker,” she continued. “Like maybe a Deep Purple or Crimson Dawn, but I wanted something a little playful. But not too much. Something zestier than Ballet Slipper, but just a bit more subtle than Flamingo Flush.” She leaned forward, easing her breasts into the soft cups of her bra and deftly fastening the clasp.

“Of course being a man, Stavro isn’t going to notice the nails. Not at dinner anyway. I’ve always found that the best way to get a man to notice your toes is to put them behind your ears.”
Ariana took her gown from the hanger and tugged it over her head.
“You’re not even listening, are you?” she asked petulantly.
She glanced over into the tub.
Marcus’s glazed eyes stared stupidly up at her. His lips were tinged a gorgeous Arctic Ice Blue
“Pity. I could use a hand with this zipper.”

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I fucking love it too!