Friday, April 9, 2010


Sapphistocated byYeva Wiest, Jolie DuPre, Alessia Brio and Beth Wylde
Subgenre/ themes: Contemporary, lesbian
Format: Ebook
Rating: Four stars
Available from Phaze.

This anthology is comprised of four short stories by four talented authors. My personal favourite from this collection was the first story, Double Decker by Alessia Brio. It's the story of a young butch lesbian named Tess who is seeking to win not only a Kareoke Contest but the heart of the woman of her dreams. This one had me flicking through my cd collection to listen to some old favourites. I felt immersed in Tess's world and was anxious when she was anxious and excited when she was excited, and found myself sorry when the story ended. I think I'll check out some more of Alessia's work soon and I am going to have to remember the term "SOL day".

I Know What I Want by Jolie DuPre is about a beautiful young waitress who is trying to break into modelling and is intrigued to find herself hired by a wealthy older lady to act as a 'centrepiece' at a party. The story didn't go where I expected it to, which was a pleasant surprise, but I felt that it ended a bit abruptly, leaving me wondering what happened next.

Better With Age by Beth Wylde was a heartwarming story about Olivia, a single mother who is reunited with her first love, Aleesha, after decades apart. Olivia's relationship with her college age daughter, and the way she deals with an awkward situation many teenagers and parents of teens will surely relate to, is touching.

Finally, Drawn by Yeva Wiest is the tale of manga artist Sydney, who finds herself attracted to her own creation, the buxom, two-headed Kisha. At the same time Sydney finds herself attracted to two very different real women; the BBW Alice and the slim, athletic Beth. Her attempts to get to know them both lead her to finally question her assumptions about beauty and what is truly sexy. The use of toys in this one was different from anything I have read before, and the fantasy element was intriguing.

All in all this anthology is well worth a read.


Alessia Brio said...

Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed the book.

peace & passion,

~ Alessia

Evelyn Applegate said...

No worries! Your icon is making me want chocolate now and the sun's not even over the yardarm.