Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sin Eater

The Sin Eater by Evangeline Anderson
Length: Short Story
Genre: Erotica romance, fantasy, Bondage
Format: E-book
Rating: ***
Available free from Ellora's Cave.

This is the first of my reads for the Erotic Romance Reading Challenge. Okay, it isn't novel-length, but I want to choose my books for the challenge by whether they sound interesting rather than by length, so some will be long and some will be short. What I'm going for is a variety of themes and genres. I will try and read straight, gay and lesbian stories, some contempory, some historical, some paranormal and some Sci Fi or fantasy.

Sin eater, which by the way has no connection whatsoever with the spooky Heath Ledger film of the same name (apparently it was called The Order in the States), is arguably erotica rather than erotic romance, but the 'l' word is invoked, so I reckon it counts. It's erotic fantasy set in a kingdom ruled by the God-King Karn the Insatiable (yes, really). The main character, Lena, is in training to become a 'Sin Eater'- a royal consort with certain special skills, such as the ability to take on another's lust and broadcast it back to them and a magical ability to retain, and forced to wear a completely transparent outfit permeable to bodily fluids. As you are. There's some bondage, but nothing too full on. The story is pretty well written, but it's probably best not to take it to seriously. Just sit back and enjoy the naughtiness.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reading Challenge

I'm joining the Erotica Romance Reading Challenge for 2010. The idea is to read ten erotic romances in a year. Since erotic romance is my genre of choice (or rather one of them- I do like a bit of variety and I go on the odd crime fiction kick) anyway that might not sound like much of a challenge, but I have been having a little trouble getting through entire novels lately due to other commitments and hopefully this will encourage me to make time to read and to reflect on what I'm reading so I can review it. Plus, it will be interesting to read other people's reviews of a range of different books. I'm a sucker for a naughty fairy story soI think I'll start with Marla by Philip Sweeny. Updates to follow as I keep reading.

Edit: Okay, having said that I ended up starting with something else. Marla will come later...

1. Sin Eater ~Evangeline Anderson
2. By the Moonlight ~Jaxx Steele
3. Loving Lucas ~Lisa Marie Kiefer

Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Act Erotica

Having vowed to put some more content on (in?) this blog this year, I am now planning to post up a series of One Act Erotica stories. They'll be little flash pieces- 1000 words or less. Some will be previously published stories, others may be written just for the blog. This will give me something to post about in between trying to get longer stories written and published and help keep me writing regularly. Apologies that I have none to post up today. This is just a 'coming attractions' post. Watch this space!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kraken are the New Vampires

I hear they're remaking The Clash of the Titans. Quite why they want to mess with the awesomeness that is Harryhausen I can't understand, but I'll probably go and see it if only for the Kraken. I hear Kraken are the new vampires. ;)

The critter in the picture is a vampire squid. Yes, really. Now I'd better stop blog-hopping and get on with some writing. Damn you Internet and your fiendish distractions!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Five Reasons Why Sex Can Make You Healthier

Five Reasons Why Sex Can Make You Healthier

Not that you need an excuse, but it's nice to feel good about what you were planning to do anyway. ;)

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Portuguese Parliament Votes to Permit Gay Marriage

I'm glad they're permitting it somewhere!
(Edit: Yes, I know it's legal in half a dozen countries already, but you know what I mean).

Link courtesy of Deliciously Naughty.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope you've all had a good time over the holiday season. I had a pretty relaxing Christmas and New Years, just staying in with my family and enjoying good food and lots of it.

As far as resolutions go, this year I am going to try and update this blog more regularly. I'm currently in the process of revamping it. Well, maybe just 'vamping', since it wasn't much to start with, but I have plans for it. You'll see.

In the meantime, here are some more of my recent reads:

Shopaholic and Baby by Sophie Kinsella (novel, chicklit)
This one is easier to relate to if you either have had a baby recently or are close to someone who did. I love the crazy situations the heroine gets herself into, and the scene at the pre-natal class is just spot on. It's a nice, light holiday read, just the thing for this time of year.

Affinity by Sarah Waters. (novel, supernatural thriller/romance, lesbian)
I always enjoy books set in the Victorian era, and I found the segments of the novel about spiritualism fascinating. The ending is fantastic! Waters has a knack for lulling the reader into a false sense of security then at the last minute pulling the rug out from under them. I liked this one even better than Fingersmith. I think I'll seek out some more of her books.

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