Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scribbling away...

I'm busily jotting down ideas for Nanowrimo. Once again this year I will be joining the folks from the Often Inspiredforum to share the madness that is speed novelling. They're a friendly bunch, so if you're signing up for Nano you should come and join us. There is a competition running over there with a $100 purse to be split between those who sign up to the forum contest and succeed at completing their 50k. A little extra incentive can't hurt.

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S.A. Connor said...

Hey! I followed you home - hope you don't mind :D
It's great to see another Brisbane writer just when I was starting to wonder if I was all alone. Your book looks pretty exciting my next stop is checking it out. I've had one novella and two short stories published in the erotic romance genre but lately I've been drawn YA romance... yeah I don't get it either lol.

So hi right back at you :D