Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Loving Lucas

Loving Lucas by Lisa Marie Kiefer
Subgenre/Themes: m/m erotic romance, contemporary
Length: Novella
audio book
Rating: ****
Available from Dreamspinner Press

I'm pretty new to m/m romance and this book makes a good introduction to it. It's a sweet love story with believeable, likeable characters and well written sex scenes. It's the story of a former teacher named Lucas who is haunted by his memories of being assaulted by a deluded lovesick pupil. Nicholas, the local sheriff, befriends Lucas and obviously wants to be more than friends, but Lucas pushes him away, having been rejected by his last boyfriend because of his scars from the assault. Fortunately, Nicholas is nothing if he's not persistant. I got really caught up in the story and listened to it all in one go. I especially enjoyed reading (or rather hearing) about Lucus' decision to cease to be a victim and take control of his life. I give it four stars, the highest rating I've given out so far in this challenge.

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