Sunday, February 21, 2010

For the Girls

My Flash story Hair will be appearing on For The Girls, an Aussie erotica site and ezine created by women for women. It's a quirky little story that I like to think is a little feminist.

That brightened my morning. My day job has been (as always) interfering with my writing and it's reassuring to know that at least some of what I do get finished will actually be out there where people can read it. I have four different stories in progress at the moment and I keep switching between them whenever I get bored or have an idea for one of the others but I think I need to knuckle down and get one of them finished so I can submit something again. I'd better get back to it!


JM Black said...


Not sure I'll be reading your story on For the Girls, but I do look forward to reading it when you publish your (first?) anthology.

That'll happen sometime after you quit your day job and devote your life to feeding us terrific erotica.

(Get to work on that right away, would you? Thanks.)

Evelyn Applegate said...

Heh! Yeah, that'd be sweet! I'd just sit around in my underwear all day drinking pina coladas and writing porn. A girl can dream!