Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope you've all had a good time over the holiday season. I had a pretty relaxing Christmas and New Years, just staying in with my family and enjoying good food and lots of it.

As far as resolutions go, this year I am going to try and update this blog more regularly. I'm currently in the process of revamping it. Well, maybe just 'vamping', since it wasn't much to start with, but I have plans for it. You'll see.

In the meantime, here are some more of my recent reads:

Shopaholic and Baby by Sophie Kinsella (novel, chicklit)
This one is easier to relate to if you either have had a baby recently or are close to someone who did. I love the crazy situations the heroine gets herself into, and the scene at the pre-natal class is just spot on. It's a nice, light holiday read, just the thing for this time of year.

Affinity by Sarah Waters. (novel, supernatural thriller/romance, lesbian)
I always enjoy books set in the Victorian era, and I found the segments of the novel about spiritualism fascinating. The ending is fantastic! Waters has a knack for lulling the reader into a false sense of security then at the last minute pulling the rug out from under them. I liked this one even better than Fingersmith. I think I'll seek out some more of her books.

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Willsin Rowe said...

Hi Evie. For some reason I was quite sure I'd read "Affinity", but it turns out I haven't. I, too, loved "Fingersmith", and even though I'm a dude it wasn't just for the girl on girl action. It was very nicely put together. Sarah Waters has a lovely turn of phrase.