Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Act Erotica

Having vowed to put some more content on (in?) this blog this year, I am now planning to post up a series of One Act Erotica stories. They'll be little flash pieces- 1000 words or less. Some will be previously published stories, others may be written just for the blog. This will give me something to post about in between trying to get longer stories written and published and help keep me writing regularly. Apologies that I have none to post up today. This is just a 'coming attractions' post. Watch this space!


goblinpaladin said...


JM Black said...

Oh, good! I had just yesterday added to my "To Do" list: "Look up Evie's Whispered Words, find out where I can read more of her stuff." This post takes care of that item.

Looking forward to reading the promised material. ;-)

Evelyn Applegate said...

Thanks JM Black. :)

Goblinpaladin, is that a good \o/ or a bad \o/?

Real Live Lesbian said...

OOoh, I can't wait!