Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sin Eater

The Sin Eater by Evangeline Anderson
Length: Short Story
Genre: Erotica romance, fantasy, Bondage
Format: E-book
Rating: ***
Available free from Ellora's Cave.

This is the first of my reads for the Erotic Romance Reading Challenge. Okay, it isn't novel-length, but I want to choose my books for the challenge by whether they sound interesting rather than by length, so some will be long and some will be short. What I'm going for is a variety of themes and genres. I will try and read straight, gay and lesbian stories, some contempory, some historical, some paranormal and some Sci Fi or fantasy.

Sin eater, which by the way has no connection whatsoever with the spooky Heath Ledger film of the same name (apparently it was called The Order in the States), is arguably erotica rather than erotic romance, but the 'l' word is invoked, so I reckon it counts. It's erotic fantasy set in a kingdom ruled by the God-King Karn the Insatiable (yes, really). The main character, Lena, is in training to become a 'Sin Eater'- a royal consort with certain special skills, such as the ability to take on another's lust and broadcast it back to them and a magical ability to retain, and forced to wear a completely transparent outfit permeable to bodily fluids. As you are. There's some bondage, but nothing too full on. The story is pretty well written, but it's probably best not to take it to seriously. Just sit back and enjoy the naughtiness.


Erotic Horizon said...

but I want to choose my books for the challenge by whether they sound interesting rather than by length

I agree with you - go with what is comfotable..

I am not a reader of fairies and such delight in erotica, however I like the spin on this...

And it was short, which sometimes helps in stories like thins..


Erotic Horizon said...


I have updated the January review sheet - with this review.

The Feb Review sheet is up..


Evelyn Applegate said...

Thanks for that! I'm enjoying reading through everyone's reviews!